1. B

    Lightning Protection

    Hello All, In this diagram, does the camera mounted to the communications shelter need lightning protection, or does the tower provide a cone of protection as would a building?
  2. D

    CB TOWER for Sale

    The RadioReference Wiki Navigation Main Page Recent changes Random page Help Tips For Searching RR Wiki User's Guide QuickLinks RadioReference Home RadioReference Forums RadioReference Database Broadcastify Live Audio Help / Contact Database Frequency Database Amateur Radio Database...
  3. Salvatorejrc

    EWR Tower

    Did not want to put this in the aviation forum because I'd rather get answers from locals who scan the same stuff. I've never monitored any sort of aircraft or tower before so forgive me. I was wondering if and how I can receive EWR, JFK, Laguardia tower, departure, approach, all of that stuff...
  4. Salvatorejrc

    Books & learning materials for beginners

    Hello, I am new to the hobby of HAM & scanning in general. I have just purchased a uniden sds100, but I am not too familiar with the science behind radio communications. Besides the AARL handbook, what are some books that can help me to learn the hobby itself including the technical aspect of...
  5. Salvatorejrc

    Radio comms

    I am new to the scanning world, and in the process of purchasing my new scanner (uniden sds100). I am very interested in radio communications and want to learn about it, where is a good place to learn the basics? Thank you
  6. k8ble

    USED CONDITION . gmrs/fmrs radio's motorola 1550 ls+. kenwood, and hand helds USED CONDITION

    i have USED CONDITION motorola 1550ls+ (4) $75 each GMRS + NARROW BANDED, USED kenwood tk 840 mobile Fmrs (2) $65 each., USED maxon 210-3 GMRS (2) $75 each. no chargers new batteries cost $50 included. keyboard programmable .USED STANDARD GX 1500 VHF MOBILE ready for aprs $50 USED motorola...
  7. TheFlyingPilot

    Transmitter Proximity

    I'm operating my BCD325P2 in a pretty low reception area, and I notice one of my P25 sites is showing 5/5 bars. I hold the frequency (853.800MHz) and drop the squelch. I hear through the static "You're... CBS Sports Radio...", and I suddenly realize that I'm listening to voice from an FM...
  8. W

    TV Antenna Tower

    First Post! So, I'm taking the test next week to get my HAM license and I'm looking for places to put a VHF antenna for my home base. I'm looking at this tower that's already installed to my house and I'm wondering if it will work. I currently use the TV antenna. The top part of the tower is...
  9. C

    Removing TV antenna and mounting discone

    Good evening, I am new to mounting antennas to anything higher than pole that I had constructed in my back yard. I recently moved into a house that has an old tower with a TV antenna mounted to the top. I would like to get the old antenna down and mount my Diamond D-130J to the top. It is to...
  10. C

    Running a radio buff network? advice

    i am started since january for Northeast communications radio and trying to see about getting more tower rentals and members and wonder what to do for assistance? please let me know asap as trying to expand network make it fun for all of us and make it a largest buff network in the country as a...
  11. cj5

    Where are the higher telescopic masts?

    I am looking to go taller with my portable mast. Currently I own a great mast from here, and being 21 feet (6.4 meters) high, I am looking to grab an additional 10 to 20 feet (3 to 6.1 meters). I am not having much luck finding anyone that sells taller telescopic aluminum masts, and it seems...
  12. J

    120-150 ft Radio Tower-What is it worth?

    Hi everyone. We bought an 18 acre piece of land in Florida. It used to be a commercial construction dump site. On the property there is a huge guessing 120-150 ft radio tower they once used when the site was up and running. We are wondering how do you find out how much something like that is...
  13. screenersam

    tower collapse in WVA kills three

    Cell phone towers collapse in West Virginia, killing 3 | Fox News "A 300-foot cellphone tower collapsed Saturday and minutes later a smaller tower fell, killing two contractors and a firefighter, authorities said. The contractors were tethered to the larger tower when it collapsed in...
  14. E

    Lat/Lon of database entry

    I'm interested in looking at some MPT1327 signals and obviously there aren't many in the US. I'm in the Denver area and a search showed up a system belonging to Basin Electric Power Cooperative. It shows a lot of different towers spanning multiple states, there are supposedly a couple in...
  15. occdude01

    Radio Shack Pro-95 CTRL channel problem?

    Hello, I am using a Pro-95 Radioshack Scanner, and I am trying to pick up the Alief Community VFD dispatch trunking channel in FORT BEND, TEXAS. I am able to pick up the CTRL channel for the Clodine Tower at 853.92500 MHZ. I have the dispatch TalkGroup ID entered, the ID bank open (+) where the...
  16. R

    A PVC 20+ Foot Tall Tower For The Shack

    This was a goofy project. PVC is not great for antenna masts or towers due to UV breakdown. But the materials were so cheap I thought I would give it a try. I'm not expecting this to last for more than a year or two. And probably less if we get dinged with a major storm, but for the time...
  17. K

    Communications Tower Collapses On Roof Of Courthouse:

    from WTSB Radio, 1090 AM:; WTSB Radio :: 1090 AM Communications Tower Collapses On Roof Of Courthouse Johnston County officials are still trying to determine what caused a 60-foot communications tower on top of the Johnston County Courthouse Annex in Downtown Smithfield to collapse. The...
  18. S

    repeater first time setup questions

    Hello, I need some help from people with more knowledge than I have. My step dad owns a building in our town that was a former cell tower site. The antenna is 180 foot tall and had nothing on it , not even any remaining coax. My whole town is at sea level with the tallest tree or structure...
  19. vees

    Bicycle on tower near Bartlesville

    In November of 2003 I was driving near Bartlesville and Pawhuska when I spotted the outline of a bicycle attached a hundred feet up the side of a radio tower. I snapped a picture and continued on my way without writing down what road I was on or anything else about the area. Now looking back at...
  20. chankel

    New tower installation photos 7/26/11

    Rooftop tower installation by Penn Tech International Penn Tech, International - Penn-Tech International They will do private work for individuals willing to pay for professional towerjacks. In a total of 13 hrs they installed this 4.5 ft Glen Martin rooftop tower with 3 side arms and a 10 ft...