1. M

    Tower maximum height restriction

    Any one know where to find information for the limitations on tower heights near an airport? location is approximately 3.5 nautical miles from the airport, but it's in the instrument approach area and i am unable to find if there are limitations for towers constructed in the concerned area.
  2. W

    VSP STARS question

    Driving from Charlottesville to Richmond today, listening to VSP STARS. Can anyone explain why I heard Culpeper and Fairfax on towers listed for Williamsburg and Waverly? Also, anyone have a good (accurate) map of the tower locations? TIA.
  3. H

    P106 Help

    I need help finding all the towers near me, I can't seem to find them on this website. I want all the Bloomington Indiana (monroe county) towers. Also can someone tell me how to program system type: Motorola Type II SmartZone Omnilink into my scanner. All the videos I see only show how to...
  4. helvis

    Caltrans tuning specs

    I have a question about Caltrans tuning for San Diego County. The RR trunking list for Caltrans is very large. Do I have to enter multiple tower control freq's and group Caltrans in separate lists or can I enter all the necessary towers in one TSYS? Does anyone know what the right towers are? I...
  5. K

    I still have not gotten my Comet Tribander up!

    It's CX-333, and I've got a 40FT steel tower in my back yard. There's a broken Antron-99 on the tower that needs to come down, and the CX-333 and 50 ft of coax that needs to go up. Anyone in the Detroit area, that climbs? I'd like to get the thing up before it snows. 73 de Chuck K8CPA
  6. ONTScan

    Comms Tower

    The more I get into scanning, the more aware I have become of communications towers. I have noticed this one tower but am unable to determine who's tower it is and what comms operate off of this tower. Address: 571-579 3rd Rd East, Stoney Creek, ON Co-ordinates : 43.205895, -79.729886 (if you...
  7. K

    Any Tower Climbers in Michigan read this forum?

    I have an antenna. It's the Comet Tri-Bander; the CX-333. I need to put it together. (Which I can do...of course...) I have a 40 Ft Steel Tower. It's guyed. I need to get this up on my tower. I now have a Antron-99 at the top of this tower. It broke over in a small wind storm here back in...