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  1. T

    Towns County, GA going Digital

    There are several upgrades coming to Towns County 911 system. One includes changing to digital from the current analog system. I am trying to find out what type of digital system they will be using? The plans call for everything to be up and operational by April of 2020.
  2. Airboss

    North Georgia NXDN

    Looks like one of the far North GA counties (best guess right now is Union) maybe setting up a new NXDN 4800 repeater system (50 RAN). So far all I have observed is unit 100 testing only - no IDs. Definitely not part of the Clay Co NC NXDN family of PS services *they use a NXDN 9600 system with...
  3. K

    Towns County

    From the very top of GA. Towns county has just invested in the Kenwood NexEdge system.Right now they are still using the Analog side. WHEN they go to the digital side there are NO SCANNERS that will currently recieve the Kenwood NexEdge digital signal. Is any manufacturer (like Uniden) working...