1. G

    BCD436HP: Pima County - PCWIN - No TPD reception

    Greetings! New unit, ran Sentinel, updated to latest, and now it shows the PCWIN system. Yes, I enabled LAW dispatch LAW talk LAW tac. The Pima County Sheriff's Office (PCSO) come through 5/5. TPD never comes through. I've manually sat on TPD F3 (midtown dispatch) and TPD F4 (east dispatch)...
  2. Freqed

    Multi Agency Pursuit 11/04

    Last night Claremore PD started a pursuit that ended up in Tulsa. They asked for help from OHP as the pursuit left their area. OHP joined in as did Catoosa, not sure about TPD ever being involved other than Police 1 (copter) or TCSO, I was listening to OHP when it came about and it ended in...