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    ADS-B.NL - Tracking Military Aircraft

    ADS-B.NL - Tracking Military Aircraft • NEW! Search by date at the movements. • Quick Links on home page Quick links are the pages that have been most visited in the last period. List of Aircraft Types Live: USA Area...
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    How can I get data about 10 ships every day in csv format to import in my software?

    Hello, I track 10-15 ships and currently I update their position manually by hand. Can I somehow use a radio frequency portal filter and download the data from there about the fleet? Did anyone do it before?
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    NORAD Santa tracking

    Is it possible to tune in on a scanner or on a HF radio and listen in? Official NORAD Santa Tracker North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) NORAD is ready to track Santa
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    Tips for a new satellite listener?

    I have a 2m band Icom handheld radio and was hoping to catch the ISS in its pass over my school this Thursday. Do y'all have any tips? I have the included ("Rubber Ducky?") antenna. I know it's possible to catch the ISS this way just not the details.. Oh and what's the usual doppler shift from...
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    HomePatrol Decoding AIS Data for Vessels/Ships Displaying - Feature REQUEST

    HomePatrol Decoding AIS Data for Vessels/Ships Displaying - Feature REQUEST What would it take to make HomePatrol show AIS data. :cool: Displaying the vessels/ships names,Speed,Course,etc on the HomePatrol screen. HomePatrol Firmware V2.2 ? V3.0 ? :p * Using HomePatrol from the cruise ship...
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    aprs tracking of ships

    i use aprs and noticed the maring tracking system for ships is included in the live maps ,,, also aircraft pilots are now using aprs also
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    YELLOWSTONE NP ,,, aprs in the area

    how spotty is aprs in the yellowstone area? inside and outside the park?