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    Radio Asset Management

    Hi everybody, I'm looking for a solution to track our MotoTRBO radios, batteries and repeaters, where we can search with their serial numbers and check their warranty and expiry dates and other information about each product. I've found online this application called 'Motorola Radio Asset...
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    ADS-B.NL - Tracking Military Aircraft

    ADS-B.NL - Tracking Military Aircraft • NEW! Search by date at the movements. • Quick Links on home page Quick links are the pages that have been most visited in the last period. List of Aircraft Types Live: USA Area...
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    How can I get data about 10 ships every day in csv format to import in my software?

    Hello, I track 10-15 ships and currently I update their position manually by hand. Can I somehow use a radio frequency portal filter and download the data from there about the fleet? Did anyone do it before?
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    NORAD Santa tracking

    Is it possible to tune in on a scanner or on a HF radio and listen in? Official NORAD Santa Tracker North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) NORAD is ready to track Santa
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    Tips for a new satellite listener?

    I have a 2m band Icom handheld radio and was hoping to catch the ISS in its pass over my school this Thursday. Do y'all have any tips? I have the included ("Rubber Ducky?") antenna. I know it's possible to catch the ISS this way just not the details.. Oh and what's the usual doppler shift from...
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    HomePatrol Decoding AIS Data for Vessels/Ships Displaying - Feature REQUEST

    HomePatrol Decoding AIS Data for Vessels/Ships Displaying - Feature REQUEST What would it take to make HomePatrol show AIS data. :cool: Displaying the vessels/ships names,Speed,Course,etc on the HomePatrol screen. HomePatrol Firmware V2.2 ? V3.0 ? :p * Using HomePatrol from the cruise ship...
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    aprs tracking of ships

    i use aprs and noticed the maring tracking system for ships is included in the live maps ,,, also aircraft pilots are now using aprs also
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    YELLOWSTONE NP ,,, aprs in the area

    how spotty is aprs in the yellowstone area? inside and outside the park?