1. W

    Whistler-ws-1040 p25 phase 1

    2 weeks old with newest updates $200 obo or trade with cash for a Trx-1
  2. ltginrage


  3. A

    Motorola CDR700 Trade Value?

    Hello. I have a complete UHF CDR700 repeater, 403-470 split. It is used but in good condition, and works perfectly well. It has 2 CDM750 radios, antenna duplexer, controller, power supply, fan cooled case and all cables / connectors etc. What I would like to know is what kind of trade value this...
  4. S

    FT: -FT-Pro 106 for 396 (gta area)

    Hi all yup me again lol can i ever make up mind on these things or what lol! i love the 106 just bike season is coming and would like a bit smaller radio for the inside pocket. Looking for a uniden 396 (complete and mint) these have about another week until there value drops! Will trade my...
  5. I

    Fire4117 GREAT!

    Did a trade with him. After he received the one I sent, he promptly sent his. Tracking number too. Got it today, works GREAT! Would work with him anytime! THANKS!