1. amoking

    EBRCS Contra Costa Sheriff 7725 traffic??

    I have heard dispatch on this the last few days. 7725 is listed as Training. Sounds like Central County (but not a simulcast of 7712) and/or Concord. Have I just not noticed consistent traffic on there or is it a new thing?
  2. mcjones2013

    Srrcs tg 5808, 5840, 5904

    Some 4-digit non-digital channels have been popping up on the SRRCS non-P25 system. They sound like fire training channels. I THINK it might be the Cosumnes CSD Fire Department Training Facility (who recently started a new academy class). 5808 - Referred to on-air as "OPS-1" 5840 - Referred to...
  3. R

    Need Training!New to this

    I decided to get a hobby and i bought a radio shack pro-197 digital scanner. Problem is,i have no idea ho to use it. Is there anyone in the Warren, MI area that could teach me the basics to get me going? My email address is
  4. M

    Unique Radio Standards Training Debuts in Colorado

    Unique Radio Standards Training Debuts in Colorado September 15, 2011 Ten years in the making, Colorado’s vision of perfecting communication between public safety agencies will finally begin. This week the Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) announced a new program offering free...
  5. W

    king-64 conducting training

    King-64, identified himself as a "military C-130", is conducting water training from about 13-1500 PST (21-2300z) off the SoCal coast and is contacting Pt Reyes every 30 minutes on 8983 USB. westli
  6. BarcodeNut

    Rock Hill 2009 Program Meetings

    If anyone is interested in attending the YCARS 2009 Program meetings, here is the schedule for the next four months.: January: How to perform the Hamfest function of "Talk-In", especially as it pertains to Rock Hill; February: Tuna Can QRP Kits. ( We will be building QRP...
  7. N

    New Albany PD Hostage Training

    Did anyone else hear the NAPD hostage situation exercise last night around 7:00pm? I was hearing them on the 002100 talkgroup and I have to admit, it was a bit unnerving at first because I didn't know if it was real. After a while, however, I managed to figure out that it had to be a drill...