1. T

    Radioddity GM-30 - radio starts to transmit when connecting PC USB (RD-201) cable?!

    I've noticed something quite bizarre, so I wanted to check if other users of this unit: Radioddity GM-30 have experienced this issue or not? -- This way I can make a decision whether to keep it or replace it (since I am still within the warranty period). -- Not sure right now if the problem is...
  2. DRBComm

    Questions about antenna basics

    I'm a new amateur licensee and really enjoying the hobby so far. I am learning as much as possible so I can get the most out of what I am doing and have a few questions that I have not found answers for elsewhere. I'm currently a Technician and studying now for my General so I can get into HF...
  3. N

    Missing parts of transmissions Whistler 1040

    I'm noticing the begging and sometimes middle of transmissions cutting off while listening to the local fire/ems channels. For example, I'll hear an officer or dispatcher say something, there will be a pause (I assume 'copy' or '10-4' or the like was said) and then the dispatcher/officer will...
  4. Edelweiss

    Creepy moments on the radio.... at night!

    I have been listening to radio for decades and came across this very odd transmission one night which I could not make sense of. It happened as follows: It's not Halloween yet but I was scanning through military ATC channels in the south of Britain one night at approx. 8.30 pm local time this...
  5. SlipNutz15

    BCD996P2 audio blips

    Can anyone tell me why my scanner is "blipping" or "spiking" at the start and end of each transmission. These transmissions are digital and the settings for each are set as digital. Link to audio:
  6. H

    Cannot hear broadcasts

    I can only hear noaa broadcasts on my baofang handheld. I have attempted to enter in manually multiple frequencies that are local to my area. Is there something basic that I am missing? HotSavannahs in Texas
  7. V

    Help - 436HP is not releasing after transmission hold

    I have been one of the lucky one's (until now) with my BCD436HP for nearly 5 mos, it has performed flawlessly. None of the issues previously discussed seemed to be there. However, it all changed yesterday and I am wondering if it is the scanner or local broadcast? My local police, fire...
  8. B

    BaoFeng UV-82C - Signal turns off if car radio on

    Hello, I have BaoFeng UV-82C handheld. I am facing this strange situation. I can hear other speaking clearly until I turn on my car or put my car on ACC (battery on). I can receive transmission as soon as I turn off the car. Is my car's inbuilt radio antenna interfering? How do I make sure...
  9. R

    Can you transmit radio signals through a metal tube?

    Is it possible to transmit radio signals through a metal tube? If I have on transceiver in the middle and I want to communicate with my station at the end of the tube, would that be possible? I know that it wouldn't work if the station was outside the tube entirely because the radio waves...