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    Tytera TYT TH-350 "tri-band" HT unable to tune to 1.25m

    Hello I recently picked up this HT from a local hamfest. It is advertised as a tri-band radio, it came with all the original material and box, but I am unable to tune to anything in the 1.25 meter band. When I switch to VFO input and manually input a frequency like 224.00 it just gives me two...
  2. Kenwood TH-D74A Tri-Band Handheld

    Kenwood TH-D74A Tri-Band Handheld

    Up for sale is a Kenwood TH-D74A handheld 2M/220/70cm tri-band radio, packed w/ lots of features and the advantage of having analog and D-STAR as well as APRS function on analog. It features a color TFT display that has excellent visibility during the day or night. Also includes built-in GPS...
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    Mobile Antenna for HP-2

    Have been doing a lot of reading on the Antenna Forum and have concluded that getting a Larsen NMO150/450/800 fixed mount antenna makes sense for the type of monitoring I am doing. My only concern is VHF-Lo band for Maryland State Police. Any suggestions on a low band mobile antenna to mount...
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    Possible Intro of Motorola Tri-Band Portable Radio in 2013-2014

    Does anyone have information regarding Motorola possibly introducing a Tri-Band radio sometime in the near future? I know the XTS-7000 is actually a dual band, not a tri-band radio? Any information would be more than helpful!