triple trunking

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    Edacs trunking system added and/or changed channels..

    I'm using a radio shack pro 164 triple trunking scanner to monitor multiple EDACS system in my area. Lately I've noticed that there is another control channel that has appeared but radio reference does not have any information about it. As well 1of the 2 edacs sites that I'm monitoring is no...
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    Pro-163 Trunking Set Up Complications

    I have a Radio Shack Pro-163 Triple Trunking Mobile Scanner and I am having trouble getting some banks set up as Trunking or defined as Trunking what ever you want to call it. I use ARC 300 software to program the scanner and get all my frequency from the Radio Reference data base. Any help...
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    Newby locked out already! Help! :(

    Hello. I am brand new to Scanners and think I am over my head. I have managed to program the numbers in I want but every time I push "scan" it locks out! I have to take the batteries out to unlock it. Can you help me? Thanks in advance for what ever you say. * Triple Trunking Handheld...