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    Howard County Chase

    Howard County Deputies and Highway Patrol are searching for a male suspect that are is down around the river and on roads around county road 304. Also they believe that the suspect may have gotten into a black truck and they also have Saline County Deputies on standby incase that he has went...
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    Searching for Suspect with Helicopter around BB & Highway 50

    I have been listening to the Highway Patrol on Troop F Dispatch 1 on MOSWIN and they have a helicopter up in the air operating on frequency 155.730 which is the Sheriff Net and the Helicopters Unit ID is MP93. it sounds like to me they are looking for a suspect with the Helicopter. They have...
  3. 1

    Missouri Highway Patrol Radio Identifiers

    Hey does anybody know what the unit number are like 700's are commercial vertical patrol and 800's these are not what these units are actually but do you guys know what the unit's like theses equal?
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    Man Hunt For A Man Who Killed People in Kansas City & Montgomery County

    Man Hunt for Killer Montgomery County & State Of Missouri If you would like more information on this you may go to the ABC 17 News link that is posted below on this incident. The Highway Patrol are involved and are using Troop F Dispatch 3 (20159) for there operations on finding this guy...
  5. baldbrad

    MOSWIN Troop F Scanner Problem

    For those who listen to the MOSWIN Troop F feed, I have received several reports of bad audio lately. I have isolated the problem as a bad front-end on the scanner itself (it's used, and wasn't taken care of by its' previous owner). I have bumped the audio levels on the PC to try to compensae...
  6. GTR8000

    NYSP Troop F Haverstraw update

    As of 0900 hrs this morning, SP Haverstraw units (Palisades Interstate Parkway) are now dispatched by Rockland County 911 "Headquarters" on 154.725 (151.4 PL). They will eventually operate on their own talkgroup on the Rockland County Public Safety Communications System, once they have that...
  7. D

    NC SHP Troop F scanning in Boone. Need Help Please!

    I recently purchased a uniden BCD396xt scanner because I could never pick up the SHP on my old scanner and I needed to go digital at some point any way. My problem is that after Downloading the newest version of Freescan and loading all the local and state Radio Reference databases I still cant...
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    Troop F

    I see that the Ada and Tishomingo sites are now active. Does anyone know when the Davis and Marietta sites are scheduled to become active. I figure that when these two go active, Troop F OHP will make the switch from low band to the 800mhz.