1. Dispatrick

    2019 VHF Low Band Logs

    Starting the list early this year! Bergen County NJ opening between approx 10:20 and 11:30 37.040 127.3 Smyth County VA Sheriff 42.940 173.8 Either NC or MO, open mic received for about 2:30 seconds 46.080 151.4 Bartow County GA Fire Disp (The EARLIEST I've ever heard this station. usually...
  2. S

    DX 10/9/2015

    Logs made from my pro 106 with mag mount antenna in Hendersonville TN Conv DX 155.1225 464 Warren CO TN FD Dispatch Trunked DX 461.045 CC SID 001 R009 S001 Duck River Electric CO-OP P25 Lewisburg TN site