trunk tracking

  1. radioscan

    Understanding how Ohio MARCS works

    If you need an understanding of how the "networked" statewide Ohio MARCS system works, please click on the following link: The Basics of Trunking :wink: When programming MARCS make sure to set the system as MOT800/900, not P-25. MARCS is an analog system using digital voice, it is not a...
  2. rbecker1963

    BCT8 Trunking; ripping hair out!!!

    Okay... I'm really struggling over here and I could use some help. When I run this BCT8 in HWY mode, I get plenty of New Jersey State Police comm's. On the banks that I program, I'm not getting the same traffic. Numerous times, I've programmed all trunked voice freq's in one bank. In...
  3. R

    Trunktracking software

    Hi I have a Uniden USC230 and I wondered if there was any trunk tracking software out there that that I could use so I could monitor the Motorola Type ll Smartnet EDACS Networked Standard Thanks Rich
  4. C

    Pro 164 Trunking Help

    I am brand new to scanning and especially trunking, I am trying to trunk track my local police dept, and I have the the numbers I need to do it, but I am lost on how to put it in and where to go after to listen to that trunk. I have a pro 164 and here is the link to my county's id #'s Scanner...