1. S

    Trunk88 Windows 7 Pink

    Didn't have this issue with Windows XP SP3 now I see a large chunk of the display not appearing as it should. I can't stick with XP I had to upgrade. What must be done to make Trunk88 appear normally? This is NOT at all NORMAL for Trunk88
  2. K


    hello, just was wondering if anybody has any idea on if there is a program on how to convert the old DOS TRUNKER files into the new version of UNITRUNKER..?? or do i have to enter them each in manually ?? thanks everybody Todd J Rittel
  3. Northerner71

    488 Rules!

    The new Trunk88 is the best. No need for a tapped radio, awesome, informes you of new radio/talkgroup brilliant. How can it possibly get better? Andrew, this program is amazing. Thank you for all of your hard work.
  4. Northerner71

    Trunk88 anything new?

    It's been awhile since there was an update. I know if it ain't broke don't fix it, but I love getting new updates. Any word?
  5. Northerner71

    What are people using?

    I am curious to know what people are using out there? I am running ID Tracker V1.5.1 on a Inspiron 5100 using my PSR 500 with a splitter. One line records and the other feeds speakers. I also run Trunk88 V4.84 on my Gateway Mseries laptop feed by a tapped Pro 70 I monitor my local...
  6. Northerner71

    Trunk88 Question?

    I just tapped a Pro 70 and am now using it to feed my Trunk88, my question is, what do the "clip" and "LFR" headings mean? I have Clip:48 and LFR:97. It does change periodically, I have no idea what they are.
  7. Northerner71

    Trunk88 Question?

    I was just curious to know something about Trunk88. I live in Zone 4 and I have one control channel, one alternate and three voice channels. My question is, if another voice channel is added by the controller will Trunk88 automatically add it to my computer?
  8. Northerner71

    Trunk 88 idea

    I love this program and use it more than any other program, the only thing I do not like is the way you have to set up the colors. In Unitrunker I just have to say TGRP **** is blue and radio ***** in that talkgroup is blue and every time it pops up on the screen or is logged it stays that...
  9. Northerner71

    OSW Info

    OK, so programs like Trunk88 and Unitrunker show info from the OSW stream like radio ID's and affiliations but is there more info in the stream? Are there programs out there that show you everything if there is more info? I am totally addicted to Trunk88 and have been tweaking it for weeks now...
  10. Northerner71

    Trunk88 OSW Question

    Ok, I have been using Trunk88 for quite some time now and am a little confused on the OSW. When I look at the stream I see three numbers or letters then a "+" then either a G or an I then a "+" again then four more letters or numbers. My question is this, what do the G and I stand for? Am I...
  11. Northerner71

    Pirate Radios?

    I run Trunk88 24/7 and have been since last July. I periodically check my logged radios to delete radios without Talkgroups. (I am assuming that these are bad reads) But I have noticed that there are two radios that always appear and are not attached to any talkgroups, right after I delete...
  12. Northerner71

    Trunk88 Mode Question?

    I have been running Trunk88 for over a year now, I love all of the amazing updates and can not say enough about the program. My question is, on the top of the screen it says mode: data monitoring. Are there other modes? Thanks in advance.
  13. Northerner71

    Trunk software idea

    I do not know if I am alone in my way of thinking but I would like a piece of software to act like unitrunker but show all the info like trunk88. I love both programs but would like to have it all in one package. I know both programs are free and I should not look a gift horse in the mouth...
  14. NgoraSweatr

    Trunk88 and Pro2006 w/Opto456

    Anyone know if T88 supports controlling the Pro2006 w/the Opto456 board? If so, anyone have the settings to use? I scoured the interwebs looking for any data about this and found nada. Thanks! JayEmbee
  15. TheManBornWithin

    Trunk88 Feature Request

    Would it be possible to add a "favorites" list for radios to see at once what talkgroup they are on, and maybe their last status message? I have a few radios that i check to see if they are affiliated to a talkgroup or not, and it would be cool to have all of them listed at once. Maybe show in...