trunking systems

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    Need a scanner recommendation for my area.

    I live in Charles County Maryland right on the borders of Calvert and St Marys counties. I need a recommendation for a scanner that will work with all of the trunked systems in those counties. I currently have a Uniden Bear Tracker BCT15X. I will primarily be using it indoors but would also...
  2. D

    XTL/XTS5000 XTS5000 NAS Trunk Scan

    Can someone please post the steps in detail of how to program a XTS5000 to do Non Affiliate Scan (NAS) using the Hidden Talk Group (TG) method on a P25 Trunked System? Nobody posts this anywhere and it's too confusing so i'm reaching out to help myself and others. Thank You!
  3. F

    Pro 94 Trunking

    Can someone explain trunking to me. I am new to it and this scanner.
  4. Z

    Talkgroups in Carter County, Tn

    Hello. I am a newbie up front. I have just purchased a Radio Shack Pro-197 and I love it. I have ARC500 PRO software and a premium membership to Radioreference. I have most of my county freqs working but I am having trouble with the Talkgroups as shown in Radioreference. There are three...