trx-1 adjustments

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    Quick thoughts on my new TRX-1

    First of all not really "new" got it refurbished and also got a Vets discount but looks and acts new. I listen to mostly non Trunking stations for now and was very disappointed in the reception until I put the ATT to G or off. Made a HUGE difference. I haven't used it for Trunking yet so I can't...
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    Interesting observation TRX-1 and Simulcast LSM systems -scanner LO drift critical

    I just got another TRX-1 mainly to use with DMR and NXDN, my other older TRX-1 has not been working on P25 LSM just every other kind of LSM DMR and NXDN> The New TRX-1 (factory refurbished) is trunking and receiving the LSM just fine. So, I did the following to the old TRX-1. Reloaded CPU and...