1. Whistler TRX-2 Scanner - DMR - P25 - NXDN

    Whistler TRX-2 Scanner - DMR - P25 - NXDN

    I have a very clean Whistler TRX-2 Scanner still with the plastic still on the faceplate. Includes all original accessories except user manual, that can be downloaded online. In the box Digital Desktop Scanner Antenna AC Adapter USB Cable Remote Head Mounting Bracket Hardwire Kit LAN Cable SD...
  2. n2znp

    TRX-2 Mobile ideas

    So I just got a TRX-2 the detachable head is smaller than I thought which is excellent, although the end of the RJ45 connector is fat, I looked on Amazon for a 90-degree connector and they look just as fat. Anyone using something smaller? Also, where did you mount the head in your car? I see...
  3. J

    Scanners won't lock onto 851.7375

    Hi All: I have a GRE PSR-600 and Whistler TRX-2. The following issue has been a problem for years so I am not looking for the "wow" answer. These scanners are in different places around the county and they both cannot lock onto 851.7375. The PSR-600 will keep beeping like it is trying to...
  4. beischel

    Yellow LED on TRX2

    Is anyone else having this issue? Well I program the radio to display a yellow LED on receiving specifics objects, it display green. Even when I used the preprogrammed "Highway" LED Flash it displays as green. Anyone else experience this or are you able to get a yellow color for the alert LED?