1. marksroberson

    Motorola Maxtrac Out of band Help

    I have recently purchased a Motorola Maxtrac UHF (449.0 - 470.0 MHz) radio that has already had the VCO and the RX coils tuned down to 440, I am using the Motorola RSS Version R07.02.00a and when I add a channel it defaults as 446.0 but I can not tune below the default 449.00 range. I even try...
  2. K

    Tuned UHF Antenna

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a BNC antenna tuned to both the UHF-T (450-512) and 700/800 MHz bands for base station mounting. A simple whip is fine; not looking for anything bulky, like a log-periodic, Yagi, or a discone. Thanks!