1. w2lie

    Scanner School - A podcast for the Scanner Radio Hobby

    Hi All, Scanner School is a weekly podcast dedicated to the Scanner Radio Hobby. Each week Scanner School takes a scanner related subject and spends about 15 - 20 minutes discussing the ins and outs of that topic - followed by some Q & A. The podcast launched on January 2, 2018 and went...
  2. w2lie

    New Scanner Radio Tutorial Podcast: Scanner School

    Are you new to scanning and have questions about the hobby? Are you someone that knows the basics but is lost when it comes to Trunking? Confused about P25 and are you looking for information on other digital modes? Welcome to Scanner School - a weekly podcast that explains everything you need...
  3. H

    Satellite Basic Tutorial

    This satellite tutorial covers satellite transponder,satellite frequency bands,network, parts,orbits,services,satellite types,capacity allocation,network configurations,applications etc. Refer: Satellite tutorial | What is satellite | tutorials
  4. eagleswings01

    A (Hopefully) Helpful Tip To Any Scanner Owner

    Hi Everyone, Although I demonstrate this tip on a PSR-310, it can apply to any scanner with a customizable welcome screen, which is why I posted this video here. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up, but it could save you hundreds of dollars if you ever lose your scanner. I hope it...