1. M

    Scan the Police - Baltimore City - Live tweeting the Baltimore City Police Department

    Great new twitter feed to monitor, when listening to the Baltimore Police. Scan the Police / Baltimore City Live-tweeting the Baltimore City Police Department's scanner.
  2. gregsto

    Twitter Widgets No Longer Work On Broadcastify

    Not long ago, and even after the initial change over to broadcastify, you could create a widget using the twitter widget application that is part of the settings in all twitter accounts, and this widget's code could be added to the "notes" section of a feed and the widget would appear as it was...
  3. C

    Twitter Feed on Web Player

    I have a twitter page that i maintain of TTD automated dispatches sent to it. I would like to incorporate that into my feed page or even the web player. I think in the past that i have saw a facebook widget on a web player. I want a similar thing but twitter. Showing just my tweets. Twitter has...
  4. blantonl

    The Official Thread: Live audio feeds, scanners, and... wait for it.. ENCRYPTION!

    In the words of the Bud Light commercial .... HERE WE GO! Go forth and fight for and against the RadioReference Live Audio Feed platform. Keep it civil, keep it clean. Good luck :roll:
  5. O

    Twitter for breaking incidents

    Hi I thought I would make a twitter so that we could all tweet about breaking incidents. If you want to contribute just send the info to and i can retweet it to everyone who follows So far this is just for Northeast Ohio but we can expand later or you can...
  6. w2lie

    Follow Long Island Alerts on Twitter

    When I lost my webhost a few months back, I setup a Twitter account to keep my users in the loop on any updates I had on bringing the site back "on the air". Since then, I've discovered how useful a tool like Twitter can become. I've setup my "Buff Box" to dump to Twitter, as well as any Site...
  7. Bill88

    Get scanner alerts thru twitter

    I'd like to set up a scanner alert service for Chicagoland like they have in other areas. If you have a twitter account you can follow 'scanchicagoland' to receive updates. If you'd like to post something you are hearing you can send an email to It will be posted and sent...
  8. Bill88

    Get scanner alerts thru twitter

  9. K

    Milair monitoring and Twitter

    I have been tagging my loggings with the "#milair" hash tags on Twitter. You can see a sample by going to and searching "#milair" If anyone else is on Twitter, you may wish to give it a it is a quicker way to see postings than say to a slow Yahoo Group.