two way radio

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    Range for Baofeng FRS?

    Hello, I am interested in buying these Baofeng FRS radios for my friends and I as some of them are taking an interest in radio and they would all like a way for us to communicate basically using radio at a reasonable price. I am wondering how much I can expect for range, and yes, I am aware that...
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    XTS 3000

    Hello, I am new to radios and Im having a hard time finding spec sheets for an XTS 3000 I just purchased. I am wondering what model battery and battery charger to purchase that work for the radio. if anyone has an xts 3000 or knows a ton about Motorola id be really interested in learning how it...
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    Abell walkie talkie

    Based in ShenZhen which is a twin city of Hong Kong and the largest manufacturing base and R&D center for professional two-way radios and wireless trunking systems in China, Abell (Pronounced as"Able") Industries Co., Ltd (ABELL) is one of the leading handheld-wireless-telecom-equipment...
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    Advice on two way radio range

    One of the most common questions customers at ask me is how far will a two-way radio or wireless intercom communicate. As you know this isn't an easy question to explain, especially to someone who knows little about the issue. So I attempted to write an article about it to...