1. XTSJunior

    TTD w/ Pushover

    Hi all, Looking for a older version of TTD that has Pushover.. Maybe 71ish? Just installed the latest from IAR's website and it no longer includes Pushover. Thanks for your help!
  2. J

    TwoToneDetect Creating Pushover groups

    With Pushbullet removing their app from the iOS store, I had to create two Pushover groups. I forgot how to create Pushover groups so I made a rudimentary document on how to do so. It is not at all fancy. To those that always decide the author should have done it this way, added this, or...
  3. A

    TTD not opening on Windows 10

    Hey guys, Been trying to download TTD 71C on my Windows 10 PC to no avail. I have unzipped the folder, and unzipped FFMPEG into the folder (the 32 bit version, my computer is 64 bit but the instructions specifically say to use the 32 bit static), I click on the executable file and nothing...
  4. jeatock

    Does anyone sell a Raspberry Pi turnkey audio server???

    Surely someone out there sells a turn-key Pi device that takes scanner or audio and streams it. If not, here is an opportunity for me hire a Pi-Guru and make a few bucks on Amazon. There is nothing wrong with creating trails and busting through snowdrifts to discover new things. But if I can...
  5. S

    Record Transmission automatically after Quick Call II System has been received

    Is it possible to program an HT1250 with a recording option board to record Transmission(s) automatically after a Quick Call II System has been received, instead of having to manually hold down a pre programmed record button. Thanks for the help in advance !
  6. FireTTD

    Two Tone Detect Add On

    So I may have something in the works that should be launched within the next couple of weeks. It's an add on service to Two Tone Detect, and I'd like to see if I could possibly find 5 to 10 beta testers to work with while I am finalizing this, in all the areas that need to be. I'd preferably...
  7. R

    TwoToneDetect always triggers, recording sometimes statis

    Hi, all.... We are running V60 TwoToneDetect. As far as I can tell, it always triggers on all the pages that we have in the system. About half the time, we get perfect recording and emailing of the page audio. The rest of the time, the recording is static only. The failures and...
  8. R

    Using Two Tone Detect for Station Alerting

    Alright so we have a computer setup at our fire station that is connected to a scanner, and running two tone detect to alert all our personnel when a call goes out. Is there a way to use a batch file (triggered by two tone detect) through the computer to trigger a relay? I want to use a relay...
  9. R

    TwoToneDetect Phone alerts

    So I use TwoToneDetect to receive alerts to my Iphone when I get a page for an emergency call. I was wondering if there was any sort of app or option for the Iphone that allows it to play the MP3 it receives automatically when received? Anyone have good ideas?
  10. J

    Two Tone Detect won't send out some emails

    I have been using this program for a couple months now for my home department and also the department I work for. I have had no trouble until a week ago I added two more departments. Now I only get one of the fire departments that I added and none of the others. It detects and records the others...
  11. A

    TwoToneDetect New TwoToneDetect in the works - Python based

    Hi all, I've started work on a ground-up rewrite of my TwoToneDetect software (website of existing program and forum thread) using the Python language instead of the LabView language that it was originally written in. I'm doing this to make the code more accessible to other developers out...