tx warn p25

  1. cole7873

    Texas WARN

    Anyone in the Carthage, TX. area can tell me how far out the tower in town can be picked up on the TX WARN system, and what can be picked up on it.(looking to listen to Houston traffic or Longview, traffic) I am about 35 miles east in Louisiana from it and would invest in a Yagi ant if there...
  2. D

    Radio Shack Pro 94 handheld

    how do you program txwarnp25 codes into a Pro 94? I did just like the manual said, and nothing. after programing all the 800 #s I hit trunk and search, and nothing. Confused, where should I go to get the right info?
  3. D

    Liberty CO Sheriff programing

    Ok, after manualy entering the following frequencies and talk groups I now am scanning Liberty CO Tx Sheriff's new traffic and it is working great. here are the frequencies and talkgroups. 1-011 1-B Moss Hill 866.87500 867.83750 868.21250 868.46250 868.66250c 1-018 1-12 Ames 771.91875c...
  4. D

    Liberty Co. Sheriff Now on Tx Warn P25?

    I was montioring Liberty Co SO. and noticed that their traffic was sparse and mostly not at all. then I found out they went to Tx Warn P25 frequencies, how do I find their new frequencies? Does anyone have them?