1. rvacs

    Galveston PD - TxWARN - Which Frequencies?

    Hello All, Getting my Radio setup before I travel for some Vacation to Galveston. When looking at the Database for Frequencies I see: Galveston - 2 frequencies - 1 control channel and 1 alternate and then farther down is: Galveston County Simulcast - 1 control channel and 1 alternate and...
  2. W

    TxWARN Tomball/NW Harris Co Site

    Hey Guys, I was formerly quite active in scanning--especially on the Harris County trunked system, but am just getting back in again after several years. I was wondering if anyone can tell me the difference between the TxWARN Tomball site and the NW site. I see that the NW site is simulcast...
  3. G

    Need Advice Choosing Radio Type (Willis,TX)

    My son is a firefighter for MoCo ESD1. I live a stones throw from main station 91 or about an eighth of a mile from I45 on FM1097 west. I'm primarily interested in listening to fire/EMS in my area but I want to be able to pick up as many of the transmissions as possible. Anything out of my area...
  4. G

    Alvin on TxWARN P25

    I am able to hear all sorts of departments on the P25 Phase2 system, but for some reason I am not able to hear anything out of Alvin despite listening on the local tx sites. Does anyone know if they are using something different altogether like full Mobile Data Terminals?
  5. A

    Baytown, TX TxWARN & BCD536HP

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a Uniden BCD536HP and have enjoyed getting back into scanning. I have been out of the game during all of the rebanding and P25 conversion, so hopefully I am just overlooking something. As some of you probably know, the 536 has the Home Patrol database that...
  6. S

    TxWarn Project 25 Scanner Compatibilities

    I'm looking at getting a new scanner that can pick up the TxWarn P25 frequencies: Texas Wide Area Radio Network (TxWARN) Project 25 Trunking System, Various, Texas - Scanner Frequencies Now that I'm looking at it closer, the system type is Project 25 Phase II with APCO-25 Common Air Interface...
  7. Daffy

    Analog rebanded trunking out the box ?

    Is there a scanner that will follow the rebanded analog systems out of the box? Txwarn here in E harris county Texas has rebanded, It seems that most of the analog scanners that are "reband capable" are some kind of ad-hock solution requiring different levels of vague magic to get them work...
  8. jmayson

    TxWARN system in Austin

    I have a GRE PSR-800 which programs itself off RadioReference.com. Under Travis County it gives the option to load the TxWARN system. So I did and it's great. I hear all sorts of stuff on it. The only problem is I don't know what I'm listening to. I don't see any sites on RR anywhere near...
  9. Robert721

    Harris County and TXWARN

    This weekend there was an announcement that some towers were decommisioned and all useres were warned to use caution on the system while the changes were made. I am trying to get some information on what was going on from a source with the county. Does anyone elese have info on the changes...