1. B

    Multiple BCT15 control using UASD software?

    Hello, I'm looking for any insight into this, im not really sure if it can be done. I have two BCT15's mounted in my vehicle and they are kind of out of reach. I have a laptop stand and I can control each one with the UASD software, but not both at the same time. Once the program is open, I...
  2. O

    UASD Demo Mode

    I have the UASD software for a BCT15. I also have the software registration key. When I try to load data to the scanner, I am prompted with a window stating "Demo Mode". The write-to-scanner window will not allow me to select my configuration, although it is listed (but shaded out). Previous...
  3. hotdjdave

    UASD BCD396T - Can't Connect

    I just downloaded UASD onto my new computer and registered it. I haven't used UASD in a while, nor have I updated my BCD396T in while (1.11.03 is the last version). I am trying to connect using a USB connection to the scanner (OEM Uniden USB1 cable). I am using the correct COM port (3)...