uhf fm transceiver

  1. S

    Repeater Help

    Hello guys, I'm on UHF analog Repeater in my city, its "No License required" im happy talking to people around, but the problem is that i want to talk private to someone but i couldn't "EVERY ONE CAN HEAR ME" the repeater is +133 "D413I" DCS , i have tried to change that so maybe i can talk...
  2. marksroberson

    HT1000 Whine

    while testing my HT1000 UHF radio on a ham radio repeater I happened to notice a high pitched whine / squeal while transmitting and don't know what it is, i can tilt the radio in another position and it stops, and it will not whine on low power. It only whines while transmitting on 5 watts...
  3. C

    UHF FM Transceiver???

    Hi, I am new to this site as well as new to this kind of stuff,I was directed to come here to ask some questions about a device i recently purchased it's A (YSHON UHF FM transceiver AT-2118/3118) is whats on the box.I was wondering if this can be used as a scanner and if anyone knows anything...