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  1. Unication G4 For Sale

    Unication G4 For Sale

    Excellent condition Unication G4 (700/800 MHz, P25 Phase I and II) for sale. Model #G4B67BF-SXXXEN1401UNI-0001-151105. Has latest firmware v1.31 installed. My G5 better suits my needs so I am selling my G4. Not a scratch on it - never leaves the house. 2 1/2 years old. This radio is superb for...
  2. I

    Unication G4 - (SOLD)

    Hello all. I ordered a new G4 on 9/14 and it arrived today :) On 9/16 I came across a very good deal on a new SDS 100. I don't have the $ to keep both of them :( Plus I read an incredible article on here written by a fellow radio enthusiast who lives in my city and did a great comparison on the...
  3. gcopter1

    ***CLOSED***Uniden SDS100 TRADE/SALE for Unication G4***CLOSED***

    I have a Uniden SDS100, looking for a straight up trade or sale. My Uniden SDS100 comes with the following; Uniden SDS100, used. OEM Antenna. Remtronix REM-820S, this is the SMA version made for the SDS100 that has the O-ring to preserve the water resistance on the Uniden. Original High...
  4. UNICATION G4 pager/scanner

    UNICATION G4 pager/scanner

    Up for sale is my month old UNICATION G4 pager/scanner comes with a 5yr warranty plus extra 800MHz antenna I’m able to pickup talkgroups 40 miles away with this antenna also comes with stock upgrading antenna You can use this as a scanner main reason for selling is my dog just passed and I spent...
  5. Unication G4 w/desk charger/LNIB (SOLD)

    Unication G4 w/desk charger/LNIB (SOLD)

    (SOLD) I have a Unication G4 w/desk charger (LNIB-Like New In Box) for sale. Did a quick experiment with my Simulcast system and works great. Used for 4 hours. Comes with full 2 year warranty. I am attaching a link for the pics because I am not able to upload individually except for one pic...
  6. SOLD - Unication G4 700/800MHZ

    SOLD - Unication G4 700/800MHZ

    Up for sale is an great condition Unication G4 700/800mhz. Will come wiith the charging/programming wire. No wall brick. No box. The pager functions flawlessly and is in great condition. $450obo PayPal or Venmo if that is cool with you. You pay actual shipping. Questions? Please email me...
  7. Unication G series Voice pager 700/800MHz Phase l Phase ll Fire pager/Scanner

    Unication G series Voice pager 700/800MHz Phase l Phase ll Fire pager/Scanner

    Up for sale is my prized possession It’s brand new bought from Hoffman Radio on April 28 2020 Comes with a 5yr warranty Everything is in the box Selling for my kids wanting a expensive bird It’s a Unication G4 700/800MHz Pager I used it as a scanner picks up Phase l and Phase ll Any questions...
  8. Unication G4 700/800 MHz Pager (Phase 1 & 2 Trunking) Price Reduced

    Unication G4 700/800 MHz Pager (Phase 1 & 2 Trunking) Price Reduced

    *PRICE REDUCED BECAUSE ID LIKE TO GET RID OF THIS PAGER AS SYSTEM'S HERE ARE NO LONGER MONITORABLE AND I WOULD LIKE PURCHASE A NEW RADIO* I have a Unication G4 Pager (Less Than 2 Months Old) w/ original packaging, charging brick, charging/programming cable, & extra belt clip. I did buy this...
  9. Unication G4

    Unication G4

    Eagle eyed readers will remember my previous postings, regarding how many times I've owned a G4. If memory serves, this would be my 5th one. Anyways, I've come to the realization that, I am not using my G4 as much as I thought I would. I take my G4 to work everyday, where I "listen" to it. Thing...
  10. I

    Want SDS100 Will trade my Unication G4

    Would like to trade my gently used Unication G4 pager for a Uniden SDS100. If i cant find a trade I am still willing to sell it outright. Li Poly battery was replaced 6 months ago with an OEM Li Ion battery. Unit works great. I will throw in a spare, new Li Poly battery as well.
  11. U

    Harford CMARC Fire Talkgroups

    I am looking to program a knob position on my Unication G4 to monitor talkgroups as local as possible to where I live and work. I want to program the fire talkgroups that would handle incidents in the Bynum Run Business Center in Forest Hill, and in Street near Forge Hill Rd and Trappe Rd...
  12. cferguson4809

    Rearange Master Talkgroup List (Tab 4)

    So my question has to do with ways to rearrange the talkgroups in the master talkgroup list. I initially added 3 talkgroups from the county I work in, then I added some from the county I live in on a different system I did this just to test the radio out. When I got it figured out and became...
  13. U

    Lyons / Cook County / Lake County

    Next week I will be spending a few days working in Lyons, IL, and staying at a hotel near Midway. I also plan to visit some family in Round Lake at some point. I have a Home Patrol 1, and a Unication G4. Main listening interest is with public safety, primarily police. Should I pack both the...
  14. rvacs

    Sharing PPS data among each other - easy way?

    Hello All, So there are some good places including the FB group for Unication where people share their hard work for users to download a PPS to import and use say on vacation or when travelling to an area. My question is.... Is there a way to insert a list you download for PPS into your...
  15. rvacs

    G4 to G5 - Learning Curve? Profile imports?

    Hello All, First of all love my Unication G4. Just tried a new SDS100 with latest firmware and it couldn't even come close to SIMULCAST Phase 1. Thinking about upgrading to Unication G5. Seems Texas DPS uses 154-160Mhz. P25 statewide. How hard of a learning curve is it to upgrade to G5. I...