uniden 796d

  1. milligandw

    Band Plan vs. Configuration Block Number

    Hello All, I just went through the firmware update (Uniden BC796D) and followed the Programming a Rebanded Motorola System instructions per: http://info.uniden.com/twiki/bin/view/UnidenMan4/BC796DFirmwareUpdate However, although I'm able to receive the UMESC talkgroups now, I'm wanted to ask...
  2. P

    Uniden 796D & Atlanta Public System P25

    Hi All, Thanks in advance for any help you all might be able to provide. I got out of scanning about 5 years ago but am interested in getting back into it. I've got a new in the box Uniden 796D (P25) that I bought about 6 years ago and never got around to programming or even opening it. I...