uniden 996t

  1. T

    new to the sport

    I have an old realistic pro 2024 which I cant get to pick up anything and I am looking at getting a Uniden BCD996T , I don't know if this will monitor Polk County fire or not. Would you tell me what I need to get if that uniden will not work? Thanks for the help. Tom
  2. duchee

    Uniden 996t squelch effect

    i was messing around with the settings one day and now all of a sudden it makes a squelch sound after transmit didnt do that before. with squelch turned up or down. is it a setting i enabled? or possiblity cuz i turned on WX?
  3. K

    Uniden 996T not displaying frequencys

    Hello everyone, I have a 996T scanner that I programmed with Bell Fleetnet to listen to OPP and Hamilton EMS. It is picking up signal fine and works great, but when it is receiving transmissions it is not displaying the frequencies or TGIDs like my other 996T does. I have tried to clone it and...
  4. S

    Problems receiving Durham Police B

    I have been away from the scanners for several months. I have two older 996T Uniden scanners and both are not able to receive Durham's Police B ID. I am able to see a wide variety of traffic. I tried to reload the scanners but that did not help. Any idea what to check?
  5. ledscan89

    Issues tracking Troop E CSP

    I have both a Uniden Bearcat 996T and a RadioShack Pro 106. Both are digital, and in the past, I had no issues tracking any of the CSP sites. A few months ago, I noticed I'm missing transmissions, especially on Troop E's dispatch channel, (CH 37). This mostly happens after someone talks and the...
  6. NFR85

    Scanner Antenna Help

    I live in Nashua ,NH I have a Uniden Bearcat Trucktracker IV BCD996T. I have the basic antenna it came with. The problem is I can pick up towns far away crystal clear i.e. Concord NH Dispatch but FG its Dead! Same as other towns. Would buying an 800 MHz 2.5db gain base bnc antenna solve my...
  7. W

    800 MHz vs. tri band antenna

    I have a Uniden 996 XT that has been professionally programmed and have tried a couple antennas without great results. I first started with a window mount which as you all know is a waste of time and install then yesturday installed a Larson tri band 16" fender mount. Looks great but still not...
  8. G

    BCD996T Control channel problem

    All of a sudden I stopped hearing communications on my BCD996T on the local (Guilford County, NC) trunked system. I made no changes to the scanner. Also, my Radio Shack Pro-96 and 2096 receive as well as always. When I lock the 996T on a talk group (e.g. County Fire), I get a message that...
  9. NFR85

    WRP-2500 Pre-Amplifier Questions

    I was wonder if anyone has this? WRP-2500 Pre-Amplifier for Wideband Scanners I would like to get feedback from you guys see what you think. And if I did get it how would I hook it up to my scanner? It's a Uniden BCD996t. Thanks for your help Bryan
  10. KG5KS

    Can one software program both RS / UNIDEN ?

    I'm using a trial version of software that came with RS usb adapter for RS 2096 digital scanner. I would like to have ONE SOFTWARE PACKAGE that will program the digital trunking scanners such as RS PRO-197, PRO-2096, UNIDEN 396, Uniden 996T , GRE 600 etc.. Is there a full featured programming...
  11. NFR85

    Programing Talk Group IDS for Uniden Bearcat BCD996t

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum or not, but I have the Manual to enter in the TGIDS but every time I enter it in it says BAD TGID. I have the manual and i'm struggling and I need some help. I don’t have the wire to it I lost it so doing it by computer is no longer an option unless I pay...
  12. KG5KS

    Which is better Pro 197, Uniden 996t

    Wanting to buy a new scanner for the VHF, UHF, APCO 25. Noticed the PRO 197 and just wondered how it compares to the Uniden 996T ? I will be using software and usb cable for programming. Thank you Kenny kg5ks@yahoo.com