uniden bc785d


    Stumped - Programming Bell FleetNet Zone 1 into Uniden BC785D and BCT15X

    Hey again. Seems like I have no end of trouble with scanners. I'm an amateur, so forgive me. I can NOT figure out how to program my two scanners with their respective Bell Fleetnet - Government Zone 1 frequencies and trunked systems. I've tried to follow Fort's "Programming your Uniden 396XT...
  2. jefbrehar

    Uniden BC785D

    I'm new to the new Police systems. My question is, If I buy the Uniden BC785D with the APCO 25 card, will I be able to pick up the Indianapolis Metro Police and the Greenwood, Indiana Police with this scanner? I think they are both on the APCO 25 system.