uniden home patrol

  1. andre364

    Uniden HomePatrol "Range issues"

    Hello RR.I'm a newbie at this Uniden Product called the Homepatrol-1 with upgrades. Is there a way to extend the range setting to 50 miles or more for the Uniden HomePatrol-1 Extreme? Because am having a difficult time trying to receive the Palmetto (Project 25) towers that are 40+ miles away to...
  2. mikesatter

    Anderson, SC and Uniden HomePatrol

    Does anyone in the Anderson, SC area use one of the Uniden HomePatrol units? If so, how well does it pick up the P25 systems? Thanks in advance!
  3. mikesatter

    Uniden Home Patrol in Anderson, SC

    Does anyone use a Uniden Home Patrol in Anderson, SC? I was wondering how well or if it was picking up the P25 system. :) Thx Michael
  4. lachacz

    problem with home patrol

    I have a uniden home patrol with extreme. my version is is 2.01 . My database version shows xx/xx/xxxx on the scanner. When I go to try an update the firmware with sentinel versio 2,02 rev 4 I get a updating HP failed. could not find D:\ home patrol\HPDB\hpdb.config Any help is greatly...
  5. L

    Unanswered Question?

    Has anyone come up an answer as to why the Uniden Home patrol does not receive for some of us unlucky souls? (No Sound) I get white noise when I turn the squelch down but that's all I get. I have tried resetting the unit, tried using only a favorite list and had my old scanner on next to my...
  6. G

    HP-1 Use in Del. Co., PA

    Considering purchasing the HP-1 and wonder if any forum members have experience using one in Delco, PA. I'm a longtime scanner user and ham but have monitored mostly within my county for the last ten years or so. Would like to expand my listening (the easy way) to trunked and digital broadcasts...
  7. C

    Help Programming Uniden Home Patrol-1

    Just received this scanner and I cannot get the Police or County Digitial Trunked Frequencies. All I seem to be able to receive is the same as my old analog scanner receives. Please Help!
  8. E

    Home Patrol: P25 9600 bps Control Channel

    Does anyone know if the new Home Patrol will follow a P25 9600 bps Control Channel, as the bcd996t and bcd996xt do? I can't find any specs that state so.