unknown frequency

  1. GraniteScanner

    Unknown School Bus Company

    Was on my SDR today and I came across a weak DMR transmission at 453.801-ish. The signal became stronger as the afternoon progressed. It appears to be a school bus radio system. Checking through the FCC I found no licenses for a school bus company. I can upload some audio recordings if needed...
  2. D

    Loud & Clear DMR in Western Mass

    Does anyone know who is on or around 152.970Mhz? I’ve only heard bits and pieces of what sounds like a talk group used for education communications. Makes me believe it’s is part of a trunk system. The signal is clear in the Berkshire County area as well as into Springfield if I remember correctly
  3. R

    question about unknown frequency PD uses

    The police where I live (City of Hillsdale, Hillsdale County, Michigan) use some type of communication I can't seem to find using my Uniden BCD396T. I can scan the main dispatch and a few secondary channels just fine, but they have a radio in their cars that they switch to every now and then...
  4. J

    Does anybody know these specific frequencies?

    I have been searching everywhere and i can not find these. I would like to know the frequencies used in Westchester to communicate from ambulance to hospital. Such as Hudson Valley Hosp, Northern Westchester, ect.
  5. S

    165.49 what agency is this?

    Have been hearing this in the Abilene area over the last couple of weeks. It's generally encrypted apco-25 comms with analog-sounding databursts [squawks] now and then. I have heard 1 set of comms that were un-encrypted apco25 on Friday morning, it just consisted of "alpha-920 to alpha-206 on...
  6. F

    I have been hearing information on a VHF frequency of 154.190

    As of late I have been hearing information on VHF Frequency 154.190, which is sounding like FD/EMS-type chatter. I have been listening from Greeley, Weld County CO from Feb 16 to Feb 17 this year and nowhere in the immediate surrounding counties have I been able to look up information for this...
  7. S

    Youth Commission in Abilene? Hearing it but no licence?

    I have been hearing jail related comms [mandown testing, headcounts, etc.] on 154.0875 over the last year or so clear as a bell here in Abilene. Last night, for the first time ever, I finally heard a callsign. They id'd as kxo795. I did a quick search of said callsign and found the only...