1. kf6olc

    Civil Air Patrol

    Hour long video about Civil Air Patrol . Brief history of the Civil Air Patrol. The role & responsibilities of the Civil Air Patrol in the United States.
  2. MagicMan08

    Issues monitoring T-birds ground freq 413.1000, will open squelch, nothing rc'd. Ideas?

    Hi Folks, I've recently ran into problems with monitoring arguably any ground freq from the t-birds and this previous weekend they used 413.1000 exclusively. It would open the squelch on my pro-651 but nothing would come through. 436 wouldn't trip at all!? Anyone monitored the 413.1000...
  3. M

    Malmstrom Air Force Base P25 TRS 157 Pro96Com Site Logs in Montana

    Malmstrom Air Force Base P25 TRS 157 Pro96Com Site Logs in Montana Site 1-32 (132) - 138.11250 cc Site 1-33 (133) - 138.08750 cc , 138.23750 alt cc (Site NAC: 150) Site 1-34 (134) - 138.06250 cc Site 1-36 (136) - 138.03750 cc , 138.18750 alt cc (Site NAC: 150) Logged these from the Judith Gap...

    Should be some good EAM's tonight

    With Kim Jun-Number Un making all his empty threats, should have some good EAM's tonight. Last time he made threat's during the joint S Korea Ops, I monitored some interesting EAM's on Global HF. Everyone knows it's nonsense, but the U.S. Armed Forces will at least have a slightly heighten...
  5. M

    2013 Thunderbirds Show Season Schedule

    Thunderbirds 2013 Show Season Schedule The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds announced their 2013 show schedule. In its 60th season, the team is slated to perform more than 60 demonstrations in 38 locations, including a six-week tour through the Pacific...
  6. k6scm

    Right now: Joint CHP/USAF SAR/Medevac Op on CALCORD/CLEMARS1

    Does anyone have any information on the traffic taking place between CHP H-24 and USAF Rescue aircraft 1-15 utilizing CALCORD and CLEMARS1 for Air-Ground SAR with a "Team-1" and discussing patient extraction ops currently underway? There is also a CHP S-2 at the CP. Location is unknown, but...