1. rfburns

    Interagency Dispatch Centers Proposed Closing of Pueblo....

    The results of a study that began in 2018 has been publicly released. The proposal would close interagency dispatch centers in Pueblo, Durango, Montrose and Craig. Leaving Fort Collins, Grand Junction and a new center to eventually be built in Colorado Springs. Medicine Bow-Routt NF in Colorado...
  2. CopperWhopper67

    Radio Traffic on USFS Freqs

    What kind of radio traffic is usually heard on USFS frequencies? I have not heard much around my area so was just curious on what others heard. Thanks!
  3. TxDuster

    Forest Service Frequencies

    I was listening to Lumpkin County this morning (I'm on the fringe at my current location) and heard some traffic on the SO dispatch channel between a couple Forest Service units. They couldn't reach each other on their 'digital' system so they were using SO's repeater. I assume this is part of...
  4. Airboss

    GA/NC/TN Wildfires Monitoring

    Most of you are probably not aware that county, state and USFS fire officials here in the southeast US are battling major wildfires on USFS, state forest and private lands due to a major drought. I have had several request from RR members and others via private email to post any of the US...
  5. H

    ODF / BLM / USFS Freqs

    Does anyone have a complete list for ODF in Lane, Douglas Counties as well Benton and Linn Counties as well as for the USFS Units in Lane and Douglas County? Thanks a bunch. Jeff
  6. kk4dnl

    Usfs air to ground 135.975

    Im here in North East Georgia and just stuck this freq in my scanner to see if I can hear anything. Anybody in the northern South Carolina , western North Carolina or Georgia area ever hear anything on this Freq?
  7. kk4dnl

    USFS North GA Repeater Locations

    I have been listening to a USFS freq 168.775 here in Carnesville GA for a few months now . It said on the RF data base that this Freq is coming out of Blairsville GA but I have just heard some chatter on a Brass Town Bald Repeater. Does any body know where all of the Chattahoochee National...
  8. RadioGuy1951

    Pass Fire, Mendocino County

    As of this writing (20aug2012 at 1525hrs) the Pass Fire has consumed 5,700 acres. It started 18 aug 2012 by lightening in SRA, and has moved to USFS territory (Mendocino Nat'l Forest... The location is Ham Pass, just north of Mendocino Pass Lat-39.8870981 Long 123.0894548 The fire has...
  9. WA6PMW

    USFS import with Win 96 problem.

    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to WEB import a bank of US Forest service channels using Win96 to a RS Pro 96 ? I can't find hardly any federal freq. on the import list.