1. B

    NOOB looking for recommendation on a HAM/SCANNER

    Hey all USMC veteran Rhode Island resident looking to buy a HAM or scanner and need some advice. My main usages will be to monitor local traffic (PD, FD, State Police, etcetera) and to maintain and become proficient with a back up reliable source of communication. Any recommendations on what...
  2. K

    Anybody listening to Marine Week?

    The Marines are in the Valley through the weekend. There's been a lot of aircraft (F/A-18's, MV-22's, and others) flying around Glendale Thursday. The Official United States Marine Corps Public Website > Community Relations > Community Events > Marine Week 2015 John Peoria
  3. C138NC

    Just spotted a AH-1W Cobra flying over Alamance

    Dont know how many folks in NC monitors military air unless its all encrypted but just saw a USMC AH-1W Cobra fly over head, came back home and thought air care was flying by but it happens to be a military aircraft and it was headed East, I guess down to New River or Camp Lejuene, That bird...