1. K

    Crossbanding VTAC and UTAC Channels

    Hope this is the right place for this: We have a bit of an interoperability problem where I am at. (Bet you haven't heard that before.) The LEO in the county are on UHF, the FDs and EMS are on VHF analog. I'm curious what the thoughts of some of the more seasoned radio technicians are on this...
  2. k6scm

    V-Tac, U-Tac, I-Tac Frequencies... UTac21?

    My current understanding of the V, U & ITac nationwide common/interoperability frequency assignments is as follows: V-Call 155.7525 V-Tac 1 151.1375 V-Tac 2 154.4525 V-Tac 3 158.7375 V-Tac 4 159.4725 U-Call 453.2125 (458.2125) U-Tac 1 453.4625 (458.4625) U-Tac 2...
  3. S

    NJ UTAC Frequencies: Clarafication

    I need some clarification about NJ UTAC frequencies. Over the the last year or so the state has added two additional frequencies. 453.15000 PL 136.5 NJUTAC 7 453.62500 PL 141.3 NJUTAC 8 However in the Jersey City Public Safety Page these frequencies are listed as UTAC 7...