1. B

    Service Authorities in Virginia

    The Virginia Counties database does not contain information for Service Authorities. I am looking for the Bedford Regional Water Authority.
  2. VE3PMK

    7478KHz & 7486.5KHz 'rhythmic grinder' sounds usually in pairs?

    For the last several weeks almost every night just a few seconds after 23:01 eastern time a signal appears on 7478KHz USB and on 7486.5KHz USB. They almost always appear in pairs but occasionally only one will appear. They differ in cadence but sound very similar and I receive them S9 to S9+20...
  3. G

    radio for hunting numbers stations

    ive become interested in hunting down numbers stations that play over the shortwave frequencies. ive managed to capture a few, like the backwards music station, and a spanish lady speaking numbers through internet controlled radios. what id like to do is by a cheap receiver (anywhere from 20-50...