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    Programing Baofeng UV-82 through Radio Reference

    I am a premium user of Radio Reference and I am trying to programing my Baofeng UV-82s using Chirp. Using Chirp to program my radios is a breeze but I can not figure out hoe to set up Chirp with frequencies from Radio reference. I can't query or do anything else for that matter. Can someone...
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    Baofeng UV82 backlight flashing

    When "save" is turned off I get a blue backlight which is always on, including illuminated keypad. If I set the "save" mode to 1-4, then the back light flashes on and off continuously. Is this radio capable of turning off illuminated screen and keyboard? Maybe a defect? Thank you.
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    ANI Code

    Hello All, I have a Baofeng UV-82L. For the life of me, I can not figure out how to get the ANI code to display on receiving radios. Does the UV-82L have the ability to always transmit the ANI code and have it displayed on a receiving radio that is capable of displaying the ANI code? I'm...