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    Baofeng UV-B5, need a confirmation about factory settings

    Hello there. This is my first time on this forum. Sorry for any language "shift" as English is not my primary language. I've bought 2 UV-B5. One of them is presenting a really annoying "click" sound whenever the speaker starts working (the voice of radio commands when you press keys, or when it...
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    Amateur Radio Question with Baofeng UV-B5:

    I made a short YouTube video to record something I've been hearing over the radio this afternoon. Been hearing an odd noise and it reoccurs every 30 seconds. Here's the link: http://youtu.be/YdAJQPki3Fg *MOD please move to the correct section if I posted wrong*
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    Baofeng UV-B5

    I hope someone here can help. I Just purchased at Baofeng UV-B5. Love it so far...The only problem I am having is that I've programmed a community repeater into it, and I can key the UV-B5 and hear it on the repeater, but unless I manually open the squelch on the side of the UV-B5 I cannot hear...