1. D

    Sacramento Sheriffs' Office Unit Numbering

    Does anyone know the current unit numbering system for SSO (since they changed to SSO from SSD)?... I am an avid scanner and am wondering about the unit IDs or the unit numbering system. If you have info I thank you in advance.
  2. P

    Digital antenna in a valley

    Purchased a Whistler 1065 scanner for my wife's grandmother sheree lives in a valley. We took the scanner down there in March and it worked fine using there antenna on the back. A couple of months later it stopped recovering any signals. I took it home and it worked fine. Went back down there...
  3. KF7RAY

    Brush fire Pleasant/Washoe Valleys w/ evacs...

    Large aggressive brush fire in Pleasant/Washoe Valleys using pretty much all fire Freq/TG's...even evacuating Pleasant Valley school.
  4. M

    Reception in Low Lying Areas

    My wife wants a scanner, and I have decided on a digital, but I am concerned that the low valley we live in may cause problems with reception. Even with our cell phones we get limited, but adequate service. Will we have similar limited service with scanners. Would appreciate your knowledge...