1. Servergod

    Device Compatibility Back Into Scanning After a Long Absence

    I decided randomly to try and find a solution for my local area, to listen to fire/rescue and LEO after years in Vol Rescue/Fire and having LEO pro friends locally. TO this day, I have several handheld scanners we used to use for races to listen in-car, couple of Uniden mobile scanners, I ever...
  2. Raptor05121

    1998 F-150- Mobile Yaesu for VFD

    I just got done wiring mine in today. Its an old hand-me-down I got from a family member and did some work to get it powered up. Yaesu FT-2400H Transceiver 2-meter 144 MHz mated to a brand-new Radio Shack antenna. Hard-mounted to my center console. The fused power wires go under the...