1. wireless_friendly

    Looking for some rare part: VGE Keyloader by GE/Ericsson/MA-COM/Tyco

    Hi all! I am looking for some rare stuff, exactly GE/Ericsson/MA-COM/Tyco/Harris Keyloader for VGE (Voice Guard, VoiceGuard). It known as IDA, V4028 or 19A148910P4. I does not seen them in for sale for a few years. But I very need it. Can anybody can help with locating them?
  2. wireless_friendly

    WTB: Any 800 MHz EDACS portable with VGE

    Hi all! I want to buy any 800 MHz EDACS portable (GE / Ericsson / M/A-COM / Tyco / Harris) with these options: - #04 EDACS Group Scan - #12 AEGIS Digital Voice - #13 VGE Encryption Option #06 EDACS ProScan is pleasant, but not necessary. Radio should be LCD equipped and in working...