vhf radio

  1. L

    Midland STP105 problem

    I recently bought a pair of Midland STP105 hand held radios and I have been having a problem transmitting on them. I am trying to set up a talk channel between then but when I would program a transmit frequency I would pick it up on that frequency and then on a different frequency. For example I...
  2. S

    CB City Sherwood Park

    You wanted a review of CB CITY SHERWOOD PARK. The prices for the CB RADIOS are all high priced! You can get the radios at less than 50% less shipped to your door. Now for the antenna systems they sell for CB RADIO’S are as follows PCTEL MLBDC2700 27-31 MHz is a QUARTER WAVE unity GAIN antenna...
  3. W7FDX

    Union/ Moutour county

    Has anyone heard that Union county is switching to a VHF High Band system and when they plan to start using it? Also ive heard that Montour is doing the same thing?
  4. F

    I have been hearing information on a VHF frequency of 154.190

    As of late I have been hearing information on VHF Frequency 154.190, which is sounding like FD/EMS-type chatter. I have been listening from Greeley, Weld County CO from Feb 16 to Feb 17 this year and nowhere in the immediate surrounding counties have I been able to look up information for this...