1. dadandmemake2

    Can someone help/explain how to use Canforce VHF/UHF Frequecies website?

    I found this website ( Canforce VHF/UHF Frequecies (canairradio.com) ) on one of the forums on RadioReference.com and it looks really cool how they have laid out the radio frequencies for anyone to look at, but I'm not sure how to use this website. either this website just lays out frequencies...
  2. J

    G3 VHF/UHF Antenna

    Hey everyone, I know a lot of people have posted their experience with third party antenna on a G5 with 700/800 but I can't seem to find post for VHF/UHF configuration. Any advice on what is a good antenna for the G3 would be great. I was wondering if the Nagoya 810 would work. Thanks
  3. SOLD: Icom ID-51 Plus 2 Camo VHF/UHF HT D-Star and accessories

    SOLD: Icom ID-51 Plus 2 Camo VHF/UHF HT D-Star and accessories

    ID-51 Plus 2 Camo $315 HM-75LS Speaker Mic BC-202 Desktop 1 amp Charger BC-167SA .5 amp Charger OPC-2350LU Programming Cable Nifty Mini Manual Diamond SRHF10 stubby antenna Diamond SRH77CA 15.5" antenna Payment via paypal. I will send you a money request where you can pay with a credit card...
  4. w2xq

    Add a forum group section - suggestion

    Wayne and others, please consider adding a "Space Weather and Radio Propagation" group topic (forum?) for threads related to space weather and radio propagation. My request derives from this http://forums.radioreference.com/hf-mw-lw-general-discussion/235279-solar-flare.html#post1719668 post...