1. L

    Tick Box TV

    I just stumbled across and ad on the internet about "Tick Box TV". Does anyone have any experience with this? It sounds like a great deal!
  2. P

    Looking to ham radio enthusiasts for a video

    Hi, I'm a journalist based in Brooklyn, and I want to make a video and an audio piece about ham radios. I need a volunteer who will tell me the basics of radio, what draws him/her to it, and show me their set-up, including their antenna--all on film. Anybody in the city willing to help out? If...
  3. WX9RLT

    Comed Building Fire In Rockford

    Video of the Comed Building Fire in Rockford and info. Video ~ Rockford Scanner ~ ComEd Building Fire In Rockford, Illinois on 11/30/2013 - YouTube More info ~ Comed Building Is On Fire In Rockford | Rockford Scanner
  4. spectr17

    40 King doing video testing in San Bernardino County?

    I'm hearing 40 King talking a lot the past couple days of coverage testing, sounds like they have a video link up and running like LASD and LAPD have. Yesterday they were flying up near Lytle Creek and Bonita falls and passing info on coverage to ground units. More traffic today on a camera...
  5. WX9RLT

    Couple House Fires

    Here are a couple house fires in the Rockford Area ~ #1 ~ Loves Park House Fire (Video & Photos) | Rockford Scanner #2 ~ House Fire On Van Stone ~ Machesney Park (PHOTOS/VIDEO) | Rockford Scanner Reminder: As it gets cold, make sure you do routine maintenance on your furnace, change...
  6. hkrharry

    A lot of ReconRobotics licenses Issued for the metro and surrounding areas.

    PW WQQE489 Leavenworth, City of , Police Dept. [Governmental entity providing communications for public safety.] Control Point 1 - 601 South Third StreetSuite 2055, Leavenworth KS 913-651-2260 (link) 11/16/2012 License Issued 1 - Leavenworth (LEAVENWORTH) KS 65.0 km radius around center point...
  7. Pendarvis69

    Video Scanning

    Where can I find general information about video scanning? I'm in Los Angeles so I would think that it would be as good of a place as any for video scanning... but what's the general quantity and quality.. and type of transmissions one would recieve with such a device? Some good basic newbie...
  8. eagleswings01

    A (Hopefully) Helpful Tip To Any Scanner Owner

    Hi Everyone, Although I demonstrate this tip on a PSR-310, it can apply to any scanner with a customizable welcome screen, which is why I posted this video here. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up, but it could save you hundreds of dollars if you ever lose your scanner. I hope it...
  9. B

    Detroit house fire

    Detroit Firefighters responded to a fully involved house fire at Holden & Commonwealth. The fire was brought under control within 1 hour and the house was a complete loss. Due to heavy fire conditions in the attic and 2nd floor, firefighters were required to take a defensive approach. You can...
  10. B

    Video: Grosse Pointe Shores 4 alarm fire

    A massive fire destroyed a large up scale home in Grosse Pointe Shores. Click the link below to see video from the scene. YouTube - 4th Alarm fire in Grosse Pointe Shores
  11. B

    Police & Fire scene video

    Hi fellow Michiganders! Just wanted to give a shameless plug for my YouTube channel. You will find scene video of fires mainly in Detroit and several Police situations. Have a look and feel free to comment. BTW- I make no profit on any of this video, it's just a hobby. YouTube -...
  12. M

    Pirate Radio Documentary

    London Pirate Radio A short documentary video from the author of The Pirate's Dilemma: How Youth Culture Is Reinventing Capitalism (Hardcover) (This is not the Philip Seymour Hoffman movie).
  13. jwb8734

    Amtrak Corporate Guidelines on Photography and Video Recording

    Amtrak - Traveling With Amtrak - Policies - Guidelines on Photography & Video Recording The orig. URL was to long.
  14. Matt93

    Police Tribute Video (You might need a Kleenex)

    I was on Youtube recently and was looking at some tribute videos about law enforcement. This one really touched my heart. Here, just watch. YouTube - Never Let Go
  15. poltergeisty

    Your favorite video's ♥

    Been meaning to create a thread like this for some time. Providing the mod is alright with it. :) Post your vids!!! :D I'm a regular video guru. Some of these you most likely seen.