virginia beach

  1. scseh

    Got Missed Last Year 4/30/2018 - Virginia Beach police scanner app gets thousands of listeners during College Beach Weekend

    Two Stories here. Both related. First story was broadcast last year, 4/30/2018 on WAVY 10, Virginia Beach. It talked about how there was an uptick in Scanner App monitoring during Virginia Beach College Beach Weekend. Because of the uptick, it also attributes the Police taking action to...
  2. Crypto_Sailor

    Radio Shack Pro-163 Help/Advice

    Hello I'm new to the world of police scanners and recently acquired a RS Pro-163 scanner and have been trying to listen to police,fire,emt etc...I purchased ARC300 software for this scanner and a subscription to radio reference in order to download the scanner frequencies for my area (Virginia...
  3. R

    Va Beach Switch? PSR-800

    I have a GRECOM PSR-800. I have had VB fire dispatch and tac channels set on scanlists and they were working fine toward the middle to tail end of 2011. Today, Jan 1, 2012, I can't get anything on those same settings. Any advice...
  4. T

    Black Bear - VB Oceanfront

    If you can, tune to the 5th precinct of Virginia Beach, VA - they are using it instead of the 2nd precinct for the black bear in the neighborhood of Shadowlawn. Channel 10 news has their helicopter on scene.