1. connah

    FTDI Cable for Pro-106 Not Working with Arc500Pro

    Hi all. I have seen others with this problem but haven't found anyone who resolved it yet. I purchased the FTDI cable (from here Radio Shack Scanner FTDI Programming PRO-106 PRO-197 PRO-651 PRO-652 20-546 500) for use with my Pro-106 in Arc500Pro. The latest FTDI drivers (the VCP ones) installed...
  2. J

    ARC500 Virtual Control Display On PC NOT WORKING

    Hello there! I've had this software since I have had my scanner(Pro-106). The software is great and at one time worked flawlessly. However, today I hooked everything up to my PC and and everything works EXCEPT the display on my computer for Virtual Control. Normally it would mimic the display...