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    Difference between an ATAC 3000 and 9600 comparator

    Hi all, Does anyone know the functional difference between these two comparators? I've looked at their spec sheets and they both seem to be almost identical, aside from the 9600 being a few years newer and having a slightly lower delay. I also noticed that the 3000 is programmed with RSS...
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    Quantar voting system setup

    Hi guys, I have had my quantar up and running for some time now doing P25, and I'd like to expand its range by adding some receivers and a comparator to do voting. Of course, I don't intend to get leased lines between everything so I've been doing some reading and I want to make sure I have...
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    Voting Receiver System

    I am looking for a Windows based voting receiver system that will allow me to combine multiple receivers at widely separated geographical locations into one Broadcastify stream. I know there are Linux based systems out there that do this very well. But I am hoping to come up with a Windows based...