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    Trouble Scanning VSP on Uniden BCD325P2

    I've added the Virginia State Police to my Uniden BCD325P2 every way that I can think of, but I'm still getting nothing when trying to scan. I'm using FreeSCAN 2.18 --> FILE --> IMPORT --> RadioReference Trunked... Then...Country="United States" --> State="Virginia" --> Available...
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    VSP and local dispatchers

    In the old days, Virginia used 39.54 (SIRS, they called it) for an interop frequency. I hear very little traffic on it now, but it got me wondering if VSP troopers had radio contact with local dispatchers, other than cell phones. I read something on the web about the Richmond area wanting to...
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    VSP STARS question

    Driving from Charlottesville to Richmond today, listening to VSP STARS. Can anyone explain why I heard Culpeper and Fairfax on towers listed for Williamsburg and Waverly? Also, anyone have a good (accurate) map of the tower locations? TIA.
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    STARS capable scanners

    Hi. I know a digital trunking scanner is needed to hear STARS. I also see that there is now STARS and STARS Type 2. Is Type 2 needed or advised? The names of a few portables used successfully to monitor STARS would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    VSP Issues

    I have a new BCD396XT, and everything I've uploaded to it (from RadioReference via ProScan) works great EXCEPT Virginia State Police! I've uploaded the generic VSP file as well as DVRS and STARS, and I have NO activity! Anyone have any ideas? I'm in Chesapeake, and I know there is traffic. Thanks.
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    VSP Announces STARS Operational Statewide

    As posted a couple of days ago by kd8x, Wytheville Division 4 sites are working. Today the VSP STARS office officially announced that STARS is operational statewide. All LMR repeater sites are up, however VSP acknowledges spotty coverage in most counties in Division 4, and state agencies are...