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    QUESTION: What type of signal generator for SWR testing

    Hopefully someone can shed some light on the topic for me. I've been getting into making my own antennas for RC FPV video and have taken interest in the testing of my homemade antennas. The frequency of interest for me is within the 5.8ghz range. I own a Tektronix 494p spectrum analyzer ranging...
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    Filling Coaxial Connectors with Dielectric Grease for Weather Protection

    After reading various blog discussions on the use of dielectric greases for weather proofing protection of coaxial connectors, I have been motivated to post this information. A bit long winded but bear with me. There is significant confusion out there on the use of dielectric grease fillers...
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    Tuning a duplexer (RLB / Coupler vs. Loss)

    Hi guys, I don't know any tech guy in my area who can clear some things for me and I thought I might ask you about something that's confusing me while doing some duplexer tuning. I'm a "young player" and I can fall into a lot of traps while trying to learn. Please forgive my mistakes if I say...